New relationships are around every corner within the Joylife family.

A year ago, if you were to have told me that I would soon be spending a majority of my days building a successful network marketing business, I would have thought you to be crazy. My business partner, Reed Flygare and I, currently own and manage a successful international import/export consulting firm. We found the Joylife business opportunity as we conducted our search for the most promising networking marketing company in the world. It was obvious after we concluded our due diligence that the Joylife opportunity had all the components necessary to make it a billion dollar company in the near future.

Neither Reed nor I have been involved with network marketing during our professional careers. I am a Certified Public Accountant; Reed is a marketing and retail guru. We have offices in Shanghai, China and St. George, Utah. We both have homes in Utah and we also have a home in Shanghai, China that we use on our extended stays in Asia. My wife (Sarah) and I have 4 children, two in college and two small girls at home who keep Sarah busy all day. Reed and his wife Lynae have 2 married children and 4 small grandsons. Since Reed and I are close to the same age, I get teased about having 2 little girls who are about the same age as Reed’s grandsons…but I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have my little girls!

Our Joylife business is at the forefront of our long term business plan. What we have found to be true with our international consulting business we also find true with our Joylife business. Once you overcome the fear of doing something you’ve never done before, then you can concentrate on building the relationships necessary to achieve your goals and desires.

I believe the single biggest obstacles to achieving success are the fears in our own minds; fear of the unknown, fear of not measuring up to your own expectations, fear of not being accepted, or fear of being wrong. The way to overcome fear is to forget yourself and begin serving those around you. Service somehow pushes all the fears aside and allows you to take the focus from yourself and it on the needs of your team, your family or friends. Network marketing and Joylife provide an exceptional opportunity to serve. In fact, there is no way any of us can be successful unless we are willing to give of ourselves and our time.

The relationships we have developed within Joylife will always be the most important aspect of this business. Old friendships like Clint and Laura Harris have been re-kindled because of Joylife. I grew up with NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell and knowing him in my home town, but Joylife has provided me an opportunity to get to know him as an adult (of course meeting his ‘better half’ Wendy helps me to understand why Scott is the good man that he is). New relationships are around every corner within the Joylife family. As our business grows and develops, we are truly blessed with opportunities to meet and get to know fascinating people at conventions, in living rooms, in restaurants, on airplanes and on conference calls. The world truly is becoming smaller and smaller for us.

A great man once described the importance of desire like this, “…desires dictate our priorities, our priorities shape our choices, and our choices ultimately determine our actions.” Many people use the word dream when trying to describe what I believe to be their true desires. It is our inner most desires that truly determine who we are what we will become. This same great man also said, “When we have a vision of what we can become our desire and our power to ACT increase enormously.” Desires that we chose to act on determine our:

  • Changing
  • Becoming
  • Achieving

Recently I received my Summit Success Package in the mail, in the package was an audio CD of my friend and fellow Joylife distributor Scott Mitchell speaking at the September conference. After listening to his CD I am ready to charge up a hill and leave all excuses behind!

The truly great thing about the Joylife opportunity is the compassion that can be found in all aspects of the business model. From the revolutionary product line to the incredible compensation plan, compassion is forged into the fabric of the business opportunity. It is not difficult to discuss a product or compensation plan or business opportunity that I believe is a compassionate answer to many of the difficulties faced by our friends and neighbors today. I believe we owe it to the people we care about to share this story!

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