A Lifetime of Success

“Although being established for over 100 years, Network Marketing is finally becoming known to the American public as the new “social model”, a phenomenal way to generate commerce. Business leaders all across our country recognize it as the greatest individual business model available today for wealth generation.” - Don Wilson

In Direct Sales: The Early Years

Don and Nancy had always dreamed of ways of helping other people. As a Registered Nurse and High School Head Basketball Coach and Ecology teacher, they felt that through these careers they would be able to leave their legacy. Little did they know that Don’s college roommate would introduce them to a business vehicle that would give them the opportunity to leave a greater legacy than they could have ever imagined.

In 1973, with a 4-year-old and a second child on the way, they made the decision to start a networking business. With little knowledge of how to build a profitable business, they set out on the journey of a lifetime. After 23 consecutive “No’s” to the opportunity from prospects, they finally received their first “Yes” - which eventually grew their business into one of North America’s top eight businesses within the company. Don and Nancy, along with their three grown children, also ran one of the most successful support systems in the industry. They learned how important a support system was by first finding a mentor and teacher and then becoming great students of what they were taught.

“I know having an outstanding support system is one of the key elements to our success,” says Don. “Through the years, the support system in our business added great depth to my knowledge of how I view the world. I see an epidemic spreading across this great land of ours today, it is one of entitlement. So many people have the philosophy of ‘what are you going to do for me?’ As entitlement quietly oozes into people’s minds and lives, we hope to help educate fellow Americans into the hand up, not just the hand out thought process. The old adage of ‘teach someone how to fish rather than just giving them a fish’ will slow down the entitlement way of thinking and living. This philosophy will lead to individuals developing much stronger self worth and ultimately a more productive American”, Don says.

“What is success? What special skills do you need to be successful? Most people try to define it as a financial or physical improvement. It’s much more complex and personal than that. We are committed to do everything in our power to assist people to become more successful and productive.” - Don

Success Despite the Obstacles

In 1993, Nancy suffered a tragic fall that left her clinging to life and paralyzed from the waist down. Thanks to their commitment to their business and the people in it, they had the time and the money to provide Nancy with the finest medical care available. Their business continued to grow during her time in the hospital and recovery. The exciting post script to the 23 “No’s” is that they never quit.

After all the years of withstanding No’s and other obstacles along the way, Don and Nancy freely recognize they have been greatly blessed not just financially, but in all areas of their lives. They have had amazing experiences traveling worldwide with their fantastic family and business associates, including Nancy’s favorite trip - a 21-day cruise crossing the Atlantic and sailing the Mediterranean on the Queen Mary II. However, the financial blessings are minuscule compared to the blessing of knowing that they have had a small part in helping others make a difference in their own lives.

Making Dreams Come True

Since retirement is always a goal people talk about in the direct sales industry, in 2007 the Wilsons decided that more traveling, playing with their grandkids, and volunteering was in order. They decided to semi-retire from building a business and put more effort in the other areas of their lives.

In 2011, Don and Nancy were introduced to the Juuva opportunity. After much due diligence, they decided to come out of retirement and build a Juuva business.

“We are so excited about each aspect of the Juuva opportunity: The management team, compensation plan, the price point and diversity of the products, a single support system, seamless sponsoring in foreign markets, and the opportunity for everyone to be compensated for their efforts at any level,” says Don. “I believe I’m most excited about our unique support system. Our co-founder and President, Grant Pace, said it best, ‘we at the company know how vital a support system is to the long term success of Juuva’. To back up his commitment, he authorized Juuva to pay for the initial month of subscription when a distributor subscribes to Summit Success System. The support system is being created by many intelligent minds, each of whom have had extensive experience in the development of successful systems. It is intriguing to imagine that in this economy, after registering with Juuva here in America the rest of the countries that we are open in now, or will be opening in the future, will simply become the 51st state for our business. The seamlessness of the prosperity plan will allow anyone to be compensated equally for building depth” Don says.

“My dreams have been rejuvenated by the prospect of what Juuva has to offer our lives, our kid’s lives, and the lives of those we are reaching out to touch. Cheering from the stands was fun, but I’m enjoying being back on the court with like minded people.” - Nancy

As industry leaders for 38 years, this couple has acquired a great understanding of what it takes to create a successful business and they believe Juuva is the best opportunity for success.

Don and Nancy Wilson have homes in Eden and Layton Utah. They celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in August 2011. Their three children and spouses are all part of Juuva opportunity along with 7 1/2 grandkids. They enjoy spending time with their family and encouraging people to pursue their dreams.

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